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Privacy Policy

This is a Privacy Policy statement from Islamic World that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy of this app. It is important for you to read this privacy policy carefully to know that which type of data we collect, why we collect specific data and are your data secured by using this app? Read this agreement carefully before installing, downloading and using of this app by Islamic World.

What Info/Data Do We Collect?

We don’t collect any of your info or data directly. But third party i.e. Google Ads can collect some of your data/info according to the purpose, type and use of app. By downloading and install any app of Islamic World, you agree that your use of this app acknowledges that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you use this app, you may ask to allow us to access one or more than one categories of your device. 

1. Device & App History:
If this app asks you about Device & App History, it means that app can read and/or retrieve sensitive log data, your web bookmarks and history, system internal state and running apps.
2. Cellular Data Settings:
In Cellular data settings, the app can use setting of your mobile data connection.
3. In App Purchases:
In app purchases ask and allow you to make purchases inside the app. You can purchase pro features of app by using In App Purchases.
4. Identity:
If you see any app asks you to allow your identity? It means that app can collect specific information from account and /or profile info on your device. App can find accounts on your device and read your contact card i.e. name & contact info.
5. Contacts:
By allowing to access your contacts, you agree that app can use the contacts of device, in which you install this app.
6. Location:
If this app ask you to access your location, it means that app can use your approximate location, based on your network. GPS and network based specific location and extra location provider commands. For this, app may access your GPS information.
It’s very rare if an app asks you to access yours SMS. If you agree to share your SMS info then that app can access text messaging and/or multimedia messaging service of your device.
8. Calendar:
By accessing the calendar of your device, an app can use the information of your calendar include calendar events their information.
9. Phone:
If app asks you to access your phone, it will access to the complete log of your calls and phone state.
10. Photo/Media/Files:
The purpose to access your Photo/Media/Files is to get information about your external storage to calculate mount and un-mount space of your device’s external storage.
11. Microphone:
If the app wants permission to access your microphone? Then the app can access the ability to record audios from the microphone of your device.
12. Wi-Fi Connection:
By allowing any app to get access your Wi-Fi connection, app can access the information about the Wi-Fi connection of your device i.e. Wi-Fi status (On/Off) and the names of connected devices to that Wi-Fi connection.
13. Camera:
Apps need to access the camera of your device if there is any photo capturing feature in the app. If app use your device's camera, app can access the ability to take photos, videos and record videos from the camera of yours device.
14. Wearable Sensors/Activity Data:
Some apps ask to gather info about physical activity levels. For this, you need to allow the app to access data from wearable sensors of device.
15. Device ID & Call Info:
You agree to allow the access to an app to gather information about the ID(s) of your device & phone number. It may also include to get access about the status of your phone and/or identity too.
16. Bluetooth:
An app can access broadcasting and information about nearby Bluetooth devices by getting access to your Bluetooth.

Why Do We Collect Data/Info?

We collect specific information from user to provide them better services. The data or information which we may collect from users helps us to enhance the quality of our apps. So, we will be able to make necessary changings in the updated versions of our published apps or to make more quality apps for you.

Data/Info Protection:

You don’t need to worry about data/info which you will share with us by using this app. You data/info which we collect from device are totally secured. The data/info will only be used for trouble-shooting and to make this app better. Also remember that we do not sell, trade or transfer your personal data/info.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

If we decide to change this privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page. Islamic World have all rights to change any term of this privacy policy without any prior notification.
This privacy policy was last modified on 15/03/2017

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